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Project Description

Want to continue reading that webpage or send a business' address to your mobile phone and open it in a navigation app? Just select, right click and QR it! No emailing, no texting, no hassle.

With simple but powerful mobile QR readers available on almost any mobile platform nowadays it only takes a few seconds and a couple clicks to get the info you need transferred from a PC to a handheld of your choice.

Tecnical info

This service is combination of an azure hosted web site that uses Google Chart Tools to create QR code image and an IE accelerator that displays it for a link or selected text or the current page's url (in order to do this, rmb click on.

A QR code is designed to contain a fairly large amounts of text, up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters. But for the best readability on mobile devices it's advised to keep the data size below 100 symbols which should be well enough to encode a url or contact info.

The QR code standard is trademarked by Denso Wave, Inc

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